Badminton Conference

Burbank, IL

Congrats to the Varsity Badminton Team.  Taking 3rd place overall in the Conference Tournament.

Placing in DOUBLES : Taking 3rd place were:  Anna Soltys / Diana Bachleda  ( 1st doubles)

                                              Brianna Avalos / Caroline Solus  ( 3rd doubles )

                                              Ummaiya Misbahuddin / Sylvia Cyrwus  ( 4th doubles)

                                              Kayla Louis / Michelle Utupski  ( 5th doubles )

                                    Taking 4th place :  Magdalena Biernat / Jessica Suchy ( 2nd doubles )


Placing in SINGLES:  Taking 1st Place  Hannah  Labanauskas ( 10 singles)

                                                 2nd Place  Diana Bachleda ( 5 singles)

                                                 3rd Place  Brianna Avalos ( 2 singles)

                                                4th Place  Caroline Solus ( 1 singles),

                                                                  Magdalena Biernat ( 3 singles)

                                                                  Anna Soltys ( 4 Singles)

                                                                  Kayla Louis ( 9 singles)


Congrats to the Sophomore Badminton Team  taking 5th place overall in the Conference Tournament.

Placing in DOUBLES: 2nd Place Ramirez/Leyva (3rd doubles)

                         4th place Solus/Rzepka  ( 1st doubles),  Mejia/Ghosheh (5th doubles)


Placing in SINGLES:  Taking 2nd Place Angelika Rzepka (2 singles) Rahaf Zahran (4 singles)

                                   4th Place  Ciara Avila (3 singles),  Itzarely Leyva (6 singles) &  Celine Mejia (8 Singles)