Burbank, IL

Sophomore Badminton- Congrats on a nice job over spring break Rams. We began spring break with conference opponents, defeating Argo 9-6, Oak Forest 12-3, and Lemont 10-5. Going undefeated were Nellie Ghosheh 3 singles, Isela Flores 7 singles, Nellie Ghosheh/Abla Abdelkader 1 doubles, Aya Dajani/Karolina Rzadkosz 2 doubles and Gabby Kulach/Karolina Rzepka 5 doubles.

Great Job Rams!

Next meet @ H-F Monday

Good Luck!

JV Badminton- Riverside-Brookfield Invite Saturday many players medaled and played outstanding. Nellie Ghosheh/Abla Abdelkader 1 doubles (2nd Place), Gosia Gunka/Monika Liszka 2 doubles (2nd Place) and Maddie Gasianica/Ariana Mijarez 3 doubles (2nd Place). Isela Flores 2 singles (2nd Place), Aya Dajani 3 singles (3rd Place) and Lilly Espitia 4 singles (3rd Place).

Great Job and Great Spring Break Rams!