LIsle Success for F/S team

Lisle, IL

What an accopmlishment for our incredible sophomore team.  The F/S team finished 2nd place overall out of 16 teams at the Lisle Invite.  They packed well, and out scored the 3rd place team by ONLY 1 point.  WOW!  Johnna Baniewicz finished 2nd out of about 100 runners.  Joclyn Ordonez (12th), Alyssa Froylan (15th), Haley Garza (27th), Karla Flores (51st), Cami Valdez (62nd), and Sandra Marquez (63rd) all stuck together for this amazing display of running.  It was great watching them fight hard together.  The Varsity team finished 10th overall out of 16 teams, and was led by Senior Tifany Ramirez.  Tera Temko, Alejandra Rodriguez, Bri Rodriguez, Mariela Martinez, Jenn Ramirez, and Val Hernandez all helped contribute for a great finish and packed well together as well.  In the open race, Karolina Styrczula (24th) and Carmen Villarreal (25th) finished well, running a hard fought race among over 160 runners.  The Rams also won the Most Spirit award for the 2nd time out of 3 years as a team here again at Lisle.  The Running Rams are just simply a great team that represents Reavis well.