Reavis Rams Invite

Burbank, IL
(September 8, 2018). The Reavis Running Ram Invite was very successful as the Varsity finish 4th and the Frosh/Soph finish 7th out of 24 teams. Alyssa Froylan took control of the race for the Varsity Rams finishing in the top 20 overall and first for the Rams. Johnna Baniewicz, Joclyn Ordonez, Corrin Smith, and Haley Garza rounded out the top Ram scorers (all within the top 50 overall). Tera Temko and Ale Rodriguez were the Ram pushers. Michele Gal led the way for the F/S Rams, while Ashley Rueda, Alyssa Carrillo, Pam Sanchez, Cordy Gulzynski, Anna Tumiel, and Nadia Alpuche helped the Rams succeed. Val Hernandez led the way for the Rams in the open race by being the first Ram finisher.