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Badminton News

Congratulations to Anna Soltys / Diana Bachleda ( #1 Doubles ) team Going to STATE!!!! Good Luck next weekend at Eastern Illinois.

Congrats to our second doubles team Ummaiya Misbahuddin/ Magdalena Biernat on taking second place overall at the TF South Invite.

Celebrating Senior Night (Left to Right) Magdalena Biernat Anna Soltys Michelle Pasek Kayla Louis Diana Bachleda Ummaiya Misbahuddin Congrats Girls on an amazing Badminton career.

Sophomore Badminton- Congrats on a nice job over spring break Rams. We began spring break with conference opponents, defeating Argo 9-6, Oak Forest 12-3, and Lemont 10-5.

Varsity Badminton- Congratulations Rams who placed 3rd overall at a Argo Invite Saturday.

Varsity Badminton- Congratulations Rams who placed 4th overall at a very tough Riverside-Brookfield Invite Saturday.

VARSITY BADMINTON--The Varsity Badminton competed at the 8 team T.F. North Invite on Saturday. Taking 2ND PLACE as a team.  Winning at All three doubles positions.

Badminton finishes practice with an outside conditioning run. More importantly the program would like to thank Alumni Brianna Avalos for stopping back and practicing with the Team. Its great to see Alumi. They are always welcomed back. Once a Ram always a Ram!!

Varsity Badminton- Congratulations Rams who placed 6th overall at a very tough Shepard Invite Saturday.