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Oak Lawn Catch Up a Success

Oak Lawn, IL  (October 8, 2015).  Christine Trovato, Esmeralda Flores, and Brianna Rodriguez led the way for the Rams at the Oak Lawn Catch Up Classic Thursday night.  Karolina Styrczula, Tifany Ramirez, Carmen VIllarreal, and Mariela Martinez all contributed for the Rams.  In the open race, the Rams were led by Ashley Alvarado with a 13th place overall finish.  Grabbing the other coveted Oak Lawn tee shirts were Nat Moreno, Jennah Carlson, Diann Moon, Lupe Diaz, and Jenny Vasquez.  Great day Rams.   

Rams battle hard at Eisenhower Quad

October 6, 2015 (Blue Island).   The Rams battled hard and beat Shepard and HillCrest, but lost to Eisenhower Tuesday.  The Rams were led by the toughness of Esmeralda Flores, Karolina Styrczula, Christine Trovato, and Brianna Rodriguez as they ran a very strategic race.  The Rams were helped by Carmen Villarreal, Tifany Ramirez, and Lupe Diaz.

Rams battle at Tinley Park Invite

September 26, 2015.  (Tinley Park, IL).  Christine Trovato was the top Varsity Ram runner at the Tinley Park Invite Saturday, followed closely by Esmeralda Flores. Jennah Carlson, Lupe Diaz, Rosie Almanza, and Nat Moreno all contributed. The Frosh /Soph Rams finished 7th overall, led by Brianna Rodriguez. Karolina Styrczula, Carmen Villarreal, Ashley Alvarado, Mariela Martinez, Tifany Ramirez, and Tera Temko all did a great job and ran great races. The top running Ram in the open race was Jelena Stojadinavic.

Girls Cross Country endure flooded Argo Invite

September 19, 2015.  (Summit, IL).  The Varsity team finished 12th overall out of 22 teams, as once again Junior Esmeralda Flores led the way for the Rams as she finished 36th overall at the "flooded" Argo Invitational.  The Rams were running on water! Christine Trovato, Karolina Styrczula, Carmen Villarreal, and Brianna Rodriguez were the Ram scorers, while Mariela Martinez and Ashley Alvarado were the pushers.  The Frosh/Soph team was 11th overall out of 22 teams, as Tifany Ramirez was the top runner.  Tera Temko, Savannah Gilgenberg, Jelena Stojadinovic, Mina Baniewicz,

Senior night for Girls Cross Country

September 15, 2015.  (Burbank, IL)  It was senior night in Burbank, for the Reavis Cross Country team.  Seniors Jennifer Vasquez, Stephanie Hernandez, Cassie Mendez, and Giselle Medina were celebrated, as the Rams beat Lemont and T F South last night, but did lose to Tinley Park at home. Junior Esmeralda Flores finished 2nd overall. She got support from teammates Christine Trovato, Brianna Rodriguez, Karolina Styrczula, Carmen Villarreal, Ashley Alvarado, and Mariela Martinez. Great job ladies.

51st annual Reavis Cross Country Invite a Success

Burbank, IL  (Septeber 12, 2015).  Great job at the 51st annual Reavis Invite.  The Varsity team was led by Esmeralda Flores, and had some great support from Christine Trovato, Karolina Styrczula, Carmen Villarreal, Jennah Carlson, Mariela Martinez, and Rosie Almanza.  The Varsity team finished 14th out of 23 teams.  The frosh/soph team finished 7th overall over 23 teams, and was led by Ashley Alvarado.  She had support from Savannah Gillgenberg, Tifany Ramirez, Tera Temko, Mariela Lozano, Mina Baniewicz, and Tanya Guerrero.  In the open race, the top Ram runner was Nat M

The Runnin' Rams new season is off and running...

(September 1, 2015--Crestwood, IL).  The Girls Runnin' Rams started off their new season with a double victory over Oak Lawn and Evergreen Park in EXTREME heat and humidity. Esmeralda Flores was the top Ram runner as she finished 2nd overall out of 57 athletes. Christine Trovato, Karolina Styrczula, Brianna Rodriguez, and Mariela Martinez were also scorers and ALL in the top 10 overall runners. Jennah Carlson and Carmen Villarreal were the Ram pushers. Great first race girls.


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