Senior Night at the Pool

Burbank, IL (October 22, 2010) - In their final home meet of the season, the girls&; swim team edged the Oak Lawn Spartans 96-81. The Rams were led by Angelina Brcic, who placed first in the 200 IM and the 100 Backstroke, and Samantha Castle, who finished first in both the 100 Breaststroke and 50 Freestyle. The Reavis 400 Freestyle Relay team of Leana Divinagracia, Slyvia Kojs, Samantha Wolfe, and Angelina Brcic also placed first. The victory was a special one for the team as they celebrated their annual Senior Night during the half-way point of the meet. Head Coach Jen Jensen began the ceremony by individually announcing each of the following eight seniors: Angelina Brcic, Leana Divinagracia, Eric Seno, Cassie Grajeda, Janine Dygas, Angelique Munoz, Gizelle Alvarez, and Becky Potenberg. Next, the swimmers made their final swim across the pool where their teammates and family were waiting for them with gifts and flowers. "It was an emotional day," said Jensen. "We will miss all the girls!"