Bremen Invite success

Midlothian, IL
October 11, 2019. YES!!!! One word that sums the night at Midlothian Meadows. Varsity took 1st place out of 13 teams, while the F/S took 2nd place. Outstanding! The Varsity Rams were led by Michele Gal and Johnna Baniewicz with a 3rd and 4th place finish respectively out of over 85 runners. Ashley Rueda, Nadia Roberts, Nadia Alpuche, Anna Tumiel and Jocelyn Sandoval were in the top 7 overall. The Frosh/Soph was led by Corrin Smith and Daria Ziomek who finished 5th and 6th place respectively. Alyssa Maier, Cheyenne Kernats, E-Fany Rodriguez, Caitlin Diaz, and Maya Dabrowski were also in the top 7 for the F/S Rams. Great showing at Midlothian Meadows Rams.