Burbank, IL
October 19, 2019. The Girls Cross Country team competed at 50 Acres Park in Evergreen Park Saturday for the SSC Red Conference meet. And The Running Rams did it again! BACK TO BACK CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP for BOTH the VARSITY and the FROSH/SOPH teams. The Varsity team packed well and won by over 30 points to the next team and was led by Michele Gal with a 4th place finish. Ashley Rueda (5th), Nadia Roberts (6th), Johnna Baniewicz (10th), Alyssa Froylan (13th), Nadia Alpuche (19th), and Anna Tumiel (24th) all did their job! Anyone who finished in the top 10 are declared All-Conference, and we had FOUR Rams receiving this honor. The Frosh/Soph team won by ONLY 4 points and was led by Alyssa Maier who finished 6th place. Corrin Smith (10th), Daria Ziomek (12th), Cheyenne Kernats (13th), Amelia Mietus (14th), Caitlin Diaz (18th), and E-Fany Rodriguez (23rd) all fought hard to attain this achievement again. The open race was led by Haley Garza who finished 4th place overall, with Melanie Escobar and Maya Dabrowski finishing 5th and 9th respectively. Coach Schoenfeld stated, "I am so proud of all the athletes. #T4T. This accomplishment was earned by solid running in the summer and continued committment and hard work throughout the season." The team also was voted the team with the Sportsmanship award. This award is cherished by Coach Schoenfeld, Coach Kreil, and the WHOLE team---Sportsmanship is the most valuable lesson to learn as an athlete, and the XC Ram team seems to win this award a lot over the past few decades. What a day to remember! Congrats!