Badminton Conference 2019

Congratulations to the Reavis badminton program. The Varsity Team took 3rd overall as a team. Medal winners and earning All-Conference honors were: DOUBLES: C. Mejia/ I. Flores (2nd dbls,), N. Ghosheh/ M. Gunka (4th dbls.) M. Gaienica/ A. Mijarez ( 5th dbls) SINGLES- 6th singles-Nellie Ghosheh(3rd place 9th singles-Maddie Gasienica ( 3rd place) 10 singles- Aya Dajani (3rd place) The Frosh/ Soph Team took 2nd overall as a Team. Medal winner and earning All conference honors were: DOUBLES: (1st dbls ) K. Rzadkosz/ D. Davalos, (3rd dbls) F. Villagomez/ M. Liszka


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