Cross Country Girls

Rams did well at Marist Sectionals

(October 27, 2018). The top Ram runner was Michele Gal again at Midlothian Meadows for the IHSA Sectional race. Nadia Roberts, Alyssa Froylan, Johnna Baniewicz, Ashley Rueda, Corrin Smith, and Nadia Alpuche rounded out the Ram competitors. Great team effort because EVERYONE one of the Ram runners ran a personal best time out of the whole year! Way to kick it at the last meet girls!

IHSA Regionals hosted by the Rams

(October 20, 2018). The Running Rams finished 3rd place overall, qualifying the team to the IHSA Sectional meet at Marist. Freshman Michele Gal JUST missed the top 5 All-Regional position by finishing 6th place overall. Alyssa Froylan, Johnna Baniewicz, Nadia Roberts, Ashley Rueda, Tera Temko, and Joclyn Ordonez all contributed to the team qualification. Good luck at Midlothian Meadows at Marist Sectionals.

Girls Cross Country Wins SSC Red Conference Title

(October 13, 2018). The Girls Cross Country did an amazing job Saturday at 50 Acres Park in Evergreen Park. They won the Frosh/Soph and Varsity titles for the SSC Red Championship. They even dominated the Open race and won that—for a total team sweep. The Frosh Soph race was led by Corrin Smith, who won the whole race. Alyssa Carrillo (5th), Nadia Alpuche (6th), Aylin Rojas (7th), Cordy Gulzynski (8th), Pam Sanchez (9th), and Daria Ziomek (11th) all ran great races to help capture the F/S title. In the Varsity race, Freshman Michele Gal led the Rams with a 3rd place finish.

Rams WIN the Oak Lawn Classic

(October 4, 2018). The Rams WON the Oak Lawn Classic at 50 Acres Park. All the Rams were in the top 10 also for the invite. Johnna Baniewicz won the invite, while Val Hernandez, Haley Garza, Corrin Smith, Michele Gal, Alyssa Froylan, and Nadia Roberts all contributed amazingly. Alyssa Carrillo was 2nd overall in the open race.

Seniors Shine at Reavis

(October 2, 2018). Rams once again dominated the Tuesday meet with victories over Shepard, Eisenhower, and HillCrest. Corrin Smith was the top Ram. The Seniors did their part with Val Hernandez, Tera Temko, Jenn Ramirez, and Ale Rodriguez all scoring for the Rams. Nadia Alpuche and Aylin Rojas were the Ram pushers. An amazing senior night for the Rams.

Spirit winners again at Lisle Invite

(September 29, 2018). The Lisle Invite was once again a fun invite for the Rams. They were once again picked as the Most Spirited team at Lisle. The Rams threw themselves into the concept, and also performed well as a team finishing 4th at the Frosh/Soph level, and 8th a the Varsity level out of 29 teams. Alyssa Carrillo was the leading F/S runner, while Pam Sanchez, Aylin Rojas, Nadia Alpuche, Cordy Gulczynski, Anna Tumiel, and Daria Ziomek all helped with a great team effort. Freshman Michele Gal led the Varsity pack with an impressive 16th overall finish in the Varsity race.

Rams compete well at Tinley Park Invite

(September 22, 2018). The Varsity had a true test Saturday at Tinley Park competing with most SSC teams. The Rams fared well finishing 6th out of 15 teams for both levels. Alyssa Froylan and Nadia Roberts competed well as only one tenth of a second separated Alyssa and Nadia at the finish line, with Alyssa getting the edge. Joclyn Ordonez, Michele Gal, and Johnna Baniewicz were the Ram scorers, while Haley Garza and Tera Temko were the Ram pushers. The top four Rams were all under 21 minutes for the race. Less than a minute separates 1st to 5th. They are working hard!

Rams continue their success at Argo Invite

(September 15, 2018). The Running Rams continue their success as they finish 4th place in the Varsity and Frosh/Soph races out of 18 teams at the Argo Invite. Alyssa Froylan once again led the squad with a top 25 finish. Joclyn Ordonez, Michele Gal, Johnna Baniewicz, and Haley Garza rounded out the Ram scorers. Ale Rodriguez and Corrin Smith were the pushers of the meet. Ashley Rueda led the way for the Frosh/Soph team, while Nadia Alpuche, Alyssa Carrillo, Aylin Rojas, Anna Tumiel, Cordy Gulzynski, and Daria Ziomek all contributed to a great F/S race.


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