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Girls Cross Country Opens at The Park

(August 29, 2017)  The Girls Cross Country team opened at The Park in Evergreen Park with a win over Oak Lawn, but a hard fought loss to Evergreen Park. Johnna Baniewicz led the Rams with a 2nd place finish of over 70 runners.  Alyssa Froylan, Joclyn Ordonez, Tera Temko, Carmen Villarreal, Alejandra Rodriguez, and Mina Baniewicz rounded out the top 7 Ram runners.  All the girls improved their overall 3 mile time here at The Park, which was a very challenging, hilly course.  Very proud of the start of the season. 

SSC Red Division Conference Meet

The Varsity team was led by Christine Trovato, with the team finishing 5th place overall.  The Frosh Soph team was led by Jenn Ramirez, with the team finishing 4th place overall.  Victoria Behling was the top open runner for the Rams.  The Rams were also voted MOST SPORTSMANSHIP for the 7th time in a row for the SSC Red Division.  So proud of you all!  Good luck at Regionals.

Battling at HillCrest and Oak Lawn

The Girls Cross Country team battling hard last week at HillCrest Quad and Oak Lawn Invite.  At HillCrest, the girls beat Shepard and HillCrest, but lost to Eisenhower.  At the Oak Lawn Invite, the girls battled rainy and cold conditions again finishing 6ht place out of 8 full teams.  In both races, the team was led by Christine Trovato, Johnna Baniewicz, Alyssa Froylan, Karolina Styrczula, Jocyln Ordonez, Mariela Martinez, and Carmen Villarreal.  

Tough Lisle Invite

The frosh Soph team finished 6th out of 27 teams. Real good effort by Johnna Baniewicz, Alyssa Froylan, Jocyln Ordonez, Jenn Ramirez, Jelena Stojadinavic, Savannah Gilgenberg, and Mina Baniewicz.  The Varsity team was led by Christine Trovato. Carmen Villarreal, Vickie Behling, Mariela Martinez, Tifany Ramirez, Nat Moreno, and Lupe Diaz ran for Rams. The day was a cold, rainy, and miserable day...but we are Ram Tough!


Tuesday meet success

Reavis did well Tuesday beating Richards, Oak Forest, and TF North. Freshman Alyssa Froylan finished 1st overall for the Rams. Johnna Baniewicz, Karolina Styrczula, Carmen Villarreal, Vickie Behling, Jenn Ramirez, and Nat Moreno helped seal the victory.  Great job Rams!


Tinley Park Invite Success Building

The Varsity girls team finished 9th overall at Tinley Park Invitational against about 20 teams Saturday. Christine Trovato was the leading Ram, while Johnna Baniewicz, Alyssa Froylan, Mariela Martinez, and Jocyln Ordonez were the other scorers. The Frosh Soph team finished 7th overall out of about 20 teams, being led by Savannah Gilgenberg. Jenn Ramirez, Jelena Stojadinavic, Mina Baniewicz, and Tera Temko were the other Ram scorers. The Open race's top Ram finisher was Carmen Villarreal.

Senior Night for Girls Cross Country

The girls Running Rams beat Bremen last night, but lost a close one to Argo. Freshman Alyssa Froylan was again the top runner, with Christine Trovato, Johnna Baniewicz, Karolina Styrczula, and Jocyln Ordonez finishing up the scorers for the Rams. Mariela Martinez and Savannah Gilgenberg were the Ram pushers.  Great effort ladies.  Thank you seniors and parents:  Yarit Alcantara, Jennah Carlson, Lupe Diaz, Esmeralda Flores, Nat Moreno, Emily Moreno, Christine Trovato, Jasmine Zazueta.

ARGO Invite success

The Frosh/Soph girls finished 8th out of 21 teams Saturday at the Argo Invite.  Alyssa Froylan was the top runner, with Johnna Baniewicz, Jocyln Ordonez, Jenn Ramirez, and Val Hernandez all scoring for the Rams.  Mina Baniewicz and Tera Temko were the pushers.  Alyssa, Johnna, and Jocyln were all in the top 25 overall, finishing 11th, 19th, and 25th respectively.  The Varsity Rams finished 13th out of 21 teams, led by Christine Trovato.  Mariela Martinez, Karolina Styrczula, Vicky Behling, and Carmen Villarreal were the scorers, while Nat Moreno and Lupe Diaz were the pushers.

Ram Invite a success

At the Reavis Invite, Girls Fr/So team 8th out of 20 teams. Top Ram Val Hernandez with Mina Baniewicz, Jenn Ramirez, and Savannah Gilgenberg, and Jelena Stojadinavic scoring. Girls Varsity team 10th out of 20 teams. Top Ram Alyssa Froylan with Johnna Baniewicz, Christine Trovato, Jocyln Ordonez, and Karolina Styrczula scoring. Top open girl runner Carmen Villarreal.  Great job today Rams. Great work at the chute!  


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